About Us

Saridhoti is a speciality boutique retailing handloom silk saris and dhotis for all occasions. With us, you can find the greatest choice of silks from among Kanjeevaram, Tussar, Silk-Cotton, Cotton, 9-Yards, etc as well as silk and cotton dhotis. In some cases, we also take custom orders, so do contact us to know more.

We have thrived on repeat customers who value our exceptional handloom saris and dhotis. When you have a traditional demand, we are here to fulfil it to the best measure. And for that reason, we also offer accessories, gifts, temple vastras, girls’ pavadas etc to give you a holistic shopping experience. We are passionate about Indian tradition and the handloom textiles, and that’s why we work so hard behind the scenes to preserve and spread it through Saridhoti.com.

Saridhoti.com is an online store as well as a retail outlet in Johns Creek, GA. You can shop with us either through this website or visit us at the boutique through an appointment. Either way, you will be satisfied with a great product in your hands, making your traditional ceremony a memorable one!